We bring the perfect balance of strategic marketers and wildly creative folks together to be your secret weapon.


marketing strategy

We've helped some of the world's most creative brands build long-term marketing strategies. 


Whether it's a retail promotion, a film tie-in, or a social media campaign, we have extensive experience in delivering big ideas that align with business goals.


We believe great design starts with sound strategy. Our talented team of graphic designers and copywriters can help tell your brand story.


We can help you better understand your customers' needs—and your competitive advantage. 


Traditional marketing and sales models aren't enough anymore. We can help you ask the right questions so you develop a compelling business solution that will solve problems. We honed our strategic marketing skills at companies like Disney, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, and Viacom/MTV Networks - and we can bring that magic to your brands.   

I worked with The Equinox Group to develop the strategy, positioning and branding for the Disney*Pixar line of merchandise. They were fantastic thought partners as they helped us to clarify our goals and objectives, unique value propositioning, brand positioning and how we could meet the needs of the consumer, retailer, and brands. The strategy and positioning were clear and distinct, and the branding/creative was superior. I will never forget getting to present our amazing work in the theatre at Pixar Animation Studios and it achieving all of our objectives. I highly recommend them!
— MARY BEECH, former Disney executive and current Chief Marketing Officer for Kate Spade

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360-degree multi-platform. Always. 


Our clients hire us because they say we "get it."  And because of our experience in media, social, digital and retail, we get it fast. We are disciplined to cover every base, ensuring you get the right message to the right person at the right time on the right platform.

I know of no other agency that could have taken us from concept and strategy and then all the way to seamless execution. This is why we hired The Equinox Group to develop our most important project of the year.
— NICOLE SABATINI, senior marketing executive at Bravo, Style and currently at Hulu.

Clean, clear, and bold. Less is more (no, really!)


We think every word and image on your communication should be there for a reason. But we also know there's a limit to the number of messages your customer can absorb. We can help you create bold designs and clear copy that will not only get noticed, but will be remembered. We like to think of our designs as clean, crisp, and bold—but never boring.

The Equinox Group’s creative style is one-of-a-kind: simple yet bold, clean yet disruptive, and unique yet approachable. Combine creative genius with stellar client management capabilities and you have a winning agency at hand.
— VANESSA BELTRAN, Senior Brand Manager, Dole

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The perfect slide can say a thousand words. 


OK, let us brag a little bit here. After all, we've built stories that have been presented to the world's biggest brands and marketing thought-leaders. Whether you're pitching for placement at a big box retailer, trying to bring a marketing partner on board, or presenting your business plan to the CEO, we can help you put your best foot forward. 

The Equinox Group is my go-to partner for all of my presentations. They are one of the few agencies who understand how to craft both business and creative narrative, and nail it every time!
— SAMANTHA MALTIN, SVP Marketing, A+E Networks




We breathe life into brand stories. 


At The Equinox Group the strategy is the framework for every story we tell.
The creative takes this foundation and colors it in, fills it out, and makes it compelling. Motion then takes that creative and makes it live. It moves, twists, flies – it dreams. But it always remains meaningful, thanks to the framework it was built upon.
We call in meaningful motion, and it will make your message soar. 



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