We create brand stories and integrate them across the customer journey.

the perfect balance of strategy + creative

We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in creative storytelling that is inspired by sound brand strategy. Our own brand story is inspired by the “Equinox” - a phenomenon that happens twice per year where the sun and the moon bring us 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. The Perfect Balance of Day and Night. We are The Equinox Group - the Perfect Balance of Strategy and Creative. Our balanced team of brand marketers, copywriters, designers, and media experts create an ecosystem of expertise that brands can tap into. They often call us their “secret weapon” - and we like that a lot.



It always starts with strategy. We help brands define who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there.



We bring brands to life with a brand identity, including logos, packaging, video content, product design, and social media content.


We help you tell your stories across every part of the customer journey, including events/experiences, online and digital, and all aspects of media.

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"I know of no other agency that could have taken us from concept and strategy and then all the way to seamless execution."

— Nicole Sabatini, Senior Marketing Executive at Bravo, Style, POP, and Hulu

Our Partners

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“I worked with The Equinox Group to develop the strategy, positioning and branding for the Disney*Pixar line of merchandise. They were fantastic thought partners as they helped us to clarify our goals and objectives, unique value propositioning, brand positioning and how we could meet the needs of the consumer, retailer, and brands. The strategy and positioning were clear and distinct, and the branding/creative was superior. I will never forget getting to present our amazing work in the theatre at Pixar Animation Studios and it achieving all of our objectives. I highly recommend them!”

Mary Beech, Former Disney Executive and Chief Marketing Officer for Kate Spade