Twice per year, Mother Nature balances the Earth. 12 hours of daylight; 12 hours of darkness. Equal parts day and night, the equinox is a phenomenon that fuels creative expressions around the world.   


Inspired by this extraordinary event, The Equinox Group offers the perfect balance of strategy and creative. For our clients, this ensures the right hand talks to the left, increasing efficiency, impact, and return on investment. We are a strategic planning group, marketing department and creative agency that our clients can tap into whenever they have a business problem to solve. Our clients often refer to us as their secret weapon—and we love that.  


Senior Team

Brad Ong


Steve Gross
Creative Director


Vini Marques
Art Director


Team Members & Associates

Travis Bowden

Fred Dennstedt
Motion Graphics


Jason Kennedy
Content Producer

Stephen Fogg
Graphic Design



Beth Scheel
Business Affairs

Brian McGowan
Operations & Finance